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Extranet Walkthrough

Last Updated: Apr 07, 2017 08:16PM BST


What is the Extranet?

The Extranet is a campaign management interface through which you can manage all aspects of your Search Compare Ads account. You can log into your account at

The Extranet consists of three tabs -  Campaigns, Dashboard, and Library. In this walkthrough, we'll go through the most important areas of the Extranet, and point out where to make changes that will boost the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Dashboard Tab

Account Summary

If you have a spend cap applied to your account, you'll see a summary of account level spend against the cap versus time elapsed. You can learn more by clicking the "See Spending Cap details" button. Fore additional information on the Dashboard, click here.


The Campaigns section on the dashboard shows a brief overview of your account's recent performance. Here, you'll see overall campaign metrics such as clicks, impressions, CTR, average CPC, and cost. The dropdown menu, which defaults to show data from the past 7 days, includes various date ranges as well as an option for a custom date range. Once you select your preferred date range, the Summary or Daily Data can be downloaded, or high-level data for the specified date range can be viewed on the Campaigns tab.

Campaigns Tab

The Campaigns Tab allows users to access more detailed metrics by campaign and/or ad group, as well as make changes to your account. This is where you'll spend the most time editing your campaigns, so it's important to get familiar with the different options available to you.

  1. Create Campaign
    • Click this button to create a new campaign.
  2. Pause/Activate Campaign
    • This switch will toggle whether the selected campaign is paused or active.
  3. Edit Campaign
    • To change some of the settings of your campaign, click the name of the campaign or the "edit" button. [Read more here.]
  4. Report download
    • To download a report of the currently visible date range,  simply click the report you'd like to download.
  5. Add Filter
    • To filter the campaigns that are visible, click this button and set your desired parameters.
  6. Add Segment
    • To break out this view by device type, click this button and select "Device".
  7. Column controls
    • To switch between the default column view, a more detailed view, and a customized view, use these controls.
  8. Date Range
    • As on the Dashboard tab, you can adjust the visible date range with this dropdown menu.
  9. Ad group/campaign view
    • Use this switch to toggle between viewing and editing individual campaigns and ad groups.

Creating/editing a campaign

Here, you'll be able to set up a new campaign or make changes to your existing campaign.

Campaign name: Name your campaign here.
Ad display name: This determines how your company's name will display in text-based ads. For example:

Devices: Your ads will appear on both desktop and mobile devices. To change the amount you'd like to bid to display on mobile devices, use the mobile bid adjustment tool.
Targeted countries: With these checkboxes, you can select the regions in which your ads will display.
Tracking code: Here, you can define a code that will enable you to collect performance data via click URL. For more information on setting up tracking codes, please contact us.
Start/end date: Define a start or end date for your campaign. End dates are optional.
Daily budget: Define your daily budget in this box. Once you've exhausted your daily budget, your ads will no longer appear for the remainder of the day.
Mobile bid adjustment: Using these controls, you can set specific bids for targeting customers using mobile devices.
Ad rotation: These options allow you to determine how frequently the ads you've created within a campaign appear.
  • Optimized: The ad server will automatically display your better-performing ads more often.
  • Even: The ad server will rotate through all of your ads evenly, regardless of their performance.
  • Precheck eligibility:  Determines if the bids / ads within a campaign are designated for prechecks or not.
  • Non-prechecks only eligibility: The ads in a campaign are only for non-precheck situations.
  • Prechecks only: A campaign should only be used for bidding on prechecked opportunities, using the (presumably lower) bids typically found in such campaigns.
URLs: These boxes contain the URLs used to link travel shoppers to the correct landing page on your site, with their search parameters populated. These URLs are set up at the account level by our account services team, so they do not need to be edited or modified. If you're having an issue with these deeplinks, please contact us at

Creating/editing an ad group

Here, you'll be able to set up a new ad group or edit an existing ad group.

Campaign: Choose the campaign you'd like this ad group to be a part of.
Ad group name: Name your ad group here.
Product Category: Set which type of product this ad group contains - Hotels, Flights, or Cars.
Max bid: Set the maximum bid for all targets contained in this ad group. Remember, any bids set at the target level will override the bid you set here.
Tracking code:  Here you can define a code that can be optionally set on each ad group, enabling you to collect performance data via click URLs. For more information on tracking codes, please contact us.
Targets: Here, you'll set up the targets contained within this ad group.
    Add New Target: Add a previously created target to the group.
    Show All Intent Targets: View a preset list of targets to add to the group.
Ad Copy: Select the default ad copy for this ad group.
Creatives: Select the default creative for this ad group.

Library Tab

The Library tab is where you can view your current repository of ad copy and creative (for example, logos), as well as create new ad copy and submit it to our account management team for approval.

Ad copy

In this section, you can view the statuses of your ad copy submissions, as well as create new copy. You can also delete unneeded copy, and view the copy you've deleted on a separate tab.


On this page, you can view your approved creative. Remember, creative can only be edited by an Intent Media administrator - please review our creative guidelines here.


With the Favorites function, you can create a custom target consisting of multiple routes or destinations. This feature can serve as a middle ground between simplifying the number of targets you're managing, and bidding the right CPC for each target. Reach out to your account specialist at to discuss if this tool is right for your program.

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