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Pixel Implementation

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2016 07:41PM BST

Implementing the IM Conversion Pixel

Implementing our conversion pixel allows for easier management of your Search Compare campaigns, allowing you to measure the performance of your campaigns and maximise your opportunity in Search Compare.

The conversion pixel is a simple javascript tag that allows us to attribute conversions on your website back to the original click. In the Extranet, you will be able to see Conversions, Revenue, Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) and ROI metrics for your campaigns, ad groups, and targets.

Steps to implement a conversion pixel:

  1. Contact the advertiser support team to receive a conversion pixel for your account.
    • Email or call + 44 (0)2037051552 (UK) or (646) 358-1224 (US)
  2. Integrate the pixel into your website code to fire on your conversion events. For example if you take transactions on your website, you can implement the pixel on an order confirmation page. If your business model is Meta Search, you can implement it on click-out events where you earn revenue.
    • The pixel should be triggered the same way as you trigger conversion tracking to your internal analytics (like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics). This allows the conversion reporting to be as true as possible to your internal reporting of conversions.
  3. Often, our advertisers implement the pixel in a tag manager such as Google Tag Manager or TagMan, for simplicity.
  4. Set up the firing rules for the pixel. The easiest way is to fire the pixel for every conversion – our system will filter out the ones not generated by an Intent Media click. Otherwise, you can implement firing rules (e.g. utm_source, utm_campaign URL parameters) based on how you identify traffic from our network.
  5. The pixel has a series of data fields which needs to be populated with the right values, for us to understand the conversion. Please see the table below for guidance.
Field Name Description Required
Page_id Unique page identifier for where the pixel is placed.
For example, ‘post_order_page’
The name is up to you but this field cannot be left blank
Product_category Must be one of the following values:
The ones in bold are the typical ones, depending on campaign type
Page_view_type Must be one of the following values:
For transactional sites, it is typically ‘CONVERSION’.
For meta search sites, it is typically ‘LIST’
User_member_id To identify if the user was a member of the website.
This is not directly required for conversion tracking, and can be left blank.
This value is useful for diagnostics (e.g. figuring out conversion discrepancies)
Value can be blank
Order_id This must be a unique order ID. If we receive two conversion pixels with the same order_id, we will ignore the second.
If this is sensitive information, you can send us a unique value. For example:
·         Generated date-time stamp
·         Hashed value for the real Order ID
·         Unique Session ID
Conversion_value This value is required, even if you do not wish to send revenue data. In this case, please use ‘1’ for all conversions.

If sending us revenue data, please ensure it does not include the currency sign or have more than 2 decimal places. Also please do not include any [commas] in the number. One [full stop] is allowed to show the decimal place.
Conversion_currency The three letter code of the currency of the conversion_value.
Typical values include USD, EUR, GBP. For other currencies, please contact us to make sure we can support.

If sending us a dummy ‘1’ value for conversion_value, set the conversion_currency to USD
Entity_id This will be provided by Intent Media and is linked to your Intent Media Advertiser Account.

Note that you might have different Entity IDs for campaigns in different countries or different products.

Post-implementation pixel testing
If you would like the test the implementation of the pixel on your website, we are happy to validate if we receive your test conversions. Email us the conversion details and, if possible, the request URL that the pixel called, and we can validate the implementation.

Once the pixel is implemented, conversions should start recording against your campaign immediately. The conversion data in your IM Dashboard is updated daily, usually by 6am US Eastern Standard Time for the previous day.

Our attribution model is to the click-day rather than the conversion day for better attribution. Therefore you might see the number of conversions increase over time for a specific day, due to conversion time lag.

Further questions & assistance
If you run into any issues or have any questions on pixel implementation, our teams in New York and London are happy to help troubleshoot or answer your questions.

Please contact us at or call + 44 (0)2037051552 (UK) or (646) 358-1224 (US).


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